Food review: Firework Oreo Cookies

Being a child of the ’70s, when Pop Rocks popping candy was all the rage, I’ve been dying to try these Firework Oreos ever since the flavor was announced. For a Limited Edition Flavor, they’re fairly simple and straightforward: a regular Oreo cookie with popping candy embedded in the creme filling.

Yay! They’re finally here!

I’m not sure who it was over at Nabisco who thought of this one, but HERE, TAKE MY MONEY!

And, spoiler alert: These are pretty darn good!

I followed my usual “scientific” 3-cookie method for trying them: first I pop the entire cookie into my mouth all at once, to see how it tastes as a whole; next, I twist one open and eat just the creme filling, and then the cookie separately, to discern their individual merits; and finally, I take a few bites and eat the cookie more slowly, to reach a final verdict.

To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed when I consumed the entire cookie at once, because I could barely taste any difference between this flavor and regular Oreos.  Then I did the “creme only” part of my taste test, and that’s when the fun really started. You definitely get the popping sensation, feeling it on your tongue as you eat the creme, and hearing it in your head as the candy pieces disintegrate and do their exploding thing. And just like that, it was 1975 all over again!

I’m happy to report that, once I had the third cookie and took the more classy, dignified approach of actually taking bites out of it, chewing slowly so that the creme had a chance to dissolve, it yielded a satisfying popping sensation that was not as intense as the creme-only test, but still fun.

As for the flavor, Firework Oreos are pretty much just like a regular Oreo cookie, although I could swear the popping candy itself smells like cotton candy. Again, I could just be having a vivid flashback from my childhood, but regardless–these are definitely worth getting, and I will most definitely buy them again.  They got a big thumbs up from everyone in my household, and for once, I actually went back and had more than my usual 3 cookies after the taste test was over.  For someone who samples Oreos as often as I do, that’s saying something.

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