FOOD REVIEW: Oreos Marshmallow Crispy Limited Edition Flavor

Quick take: Incredibly delicious, with a mildly-disconcerting crunch

Whenever Nabisco introduces a new “limited edition” flavor in their Oreo line, I am quickly inundated with photos of the newest abomination on my Facebook timeline, inevitably tagged by friends who know that I live for this crap. This usually happens months before the actual release date, and I end up marking my calendar and heading to the store on debut day to purchase the latest little circles of trans-fat goodness.

So, imagine my surprise when I got to the grocery store and discovered a new flavor that I hadn’t heard of before: Marshmallow Crispy Oreos (aka DO NOT CALL THEM RICE KRISPIE TREAT OREOS, EVEN THOUGH THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE.) How did this one slip by me?  My friends are slacking!

Behold the pretty yellow packaging:

Of course, they had to be mine. 
The first thing I noticed as soon as I opened the package is that ratio of creme to cookie is noticeably higher than other flavors. Here they are, and side-by-side compared with a Peanut Butter Cup Oreo:
Promising. Very promising.
Granted, they’re the “blonde” vanilla cookie, which is always “strike one” for me as far as Oreos are concerned.  There’s a part of me that will always consider a “real” Oreo to be the one with the dark chocolate sandwich cookies. But I understand that I must keep up with the times, and non-chocolate cookies are now part of the official Oreo line.  Change is hard you, guys. 
I did my usual routine when taste-testing an Oreo: ate one “as is”, then split it open and ate just the creme, then just the cookie, to be able to differentiate the different flavors.  It’s more a scientific method than a routine, really. Quite effective.
So, the verdict? The cookie, as a whole, is DELICIOUS–one of the best limited edition flavors I’ve tried thus far. (Peanut Butter Cup Oreos are still my top scorer, though.) The reason it scores so high: the marshmallow creme actually tastes like marshmallow on this one, unlike the disappointing S’mores Oreos I reviewed previously.  The flavor is sweet and addictive–exactly what you want your favorite cookie to be. 

Unfortunately, what holds this cookie back from being #1 for me is the small bits of Rice Krispies generic, not-in-any-way-a-brand-name crispy cereal embedded in the creme.  I suppose they’re necessary to make this truly a “Marshmallow Crispy” flavor, but they give the creme a weird texture and odd crunch that is reminsicent of Pop Rocks candy.  A “snap, crackle, pop” sensation, dare I say? But no, not in a good way.

Yes, these cookies are delicious, but I wish they’d ditch the crispy bits and come out with a straight up “Marshmallow Creme Oreo” instead.  
The other drawback: while these cookies do a nice job of duplicating the flavor profiles found in a “marshmallow crispy” bar, they will set you back 140 calories for a two-cookie serving (ha–I can’t believe I just typed that. Who honestly thinks two cookies is a serving? Anyone? Bueller?)  while an actual marshmallow crispy treat is only 70 calories per square.
Nevertheless, these little Oreos are dang tasty, and yes, I recommend trying them. 

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