Bath & Body Works: Pushiest sales people EVER

I know it’s tough working retail, and I know the employees are usually just “following orders,” but if The Powers That Be at Bath & Body Works somehow get the chance to read this, PLEASE: tell your employees to throttle back on the hard-sell tactics.  It’s getting to the point where I hate shopping there.

Today’s adventure:

[a second after entering the store]

“HI!! Welcome to Bath & Body Works!!!!  Our 3-wick candles are only $12 right now!”

Okay, thanks.

[two seconds later] “Here, smell THIS one! It’s NEW! And it’s only $12 if you buy it today!! My name is Candy–let me know if you need anything!”

[four seconds later] “So are you shopping for anyone special? Have you seen our lotions, 3 for $12? How about a hand sanitzer 5 for $15? I love this one HERE SMELL IT, SMELL IT NOW”

Good grief.

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