Facebookers Beware: Don’t fall for this spam email!

I just received an email that purports to be from Facebook, advising me that if I don’t go check my unread messages they will be deleted.

Here’s what the email looked like:

I didn’t fall for it, because 1) it came through my email address that has never been affiliated with Facebook and 2) it says “You haven’t been to Facebook for a few days, and a lot happened while you were away”  
I use Facebook frequently, so I knew that this was bogus.  Be on the lookout and don’t fall for this kind of phishing scam.  Even if it looks legit, never click to a site through an email link…go to your browser and enter the web address yourself.   

Another tip: if you ever get an email you’re unsure about, just hover your cursor over the sender name and the actual sender’s email address will be revealed.  Here’s what it said when I hovered over “FacebookNotification”:

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