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I recently came across an article on the site, listing the “11 Powerful Netflix Documentaries That Will Change How You Think About Food.

A couple of them I’d seen before (Food, Inc and Super Size Me) but the others weren’t familiar to me, so I’ve started watching them.

Hungry For Change had lots of great information about how our dietary choices directly affect our health and well-being.  There’s a website and a book that correlates with the movie, but according to the reviews I’ve seen, all of the info you need is already detailed in the movie itself. One of things I found most informative was the differences between our food supply now versus 50 years ago.  Foods are shipped longer distances, and are filled with preservatives and chemicals to make them more shelf stable.  Everything has added sugar these days, and the experts cite several examples of just how addictive those additives can be. The experts featured in this documentary were a mix of medical doctors, academics, nutritionists, and authors, so it was lighter and more entertaining than some of the heavier food documentaries out there.  Interesting stuff, and definitely worth seeing.

You can watch the trailer here:

The other documentary I watched today was Forks Over Knives.  I liked that one because it focused on extensive research.  There were some gory surgery scenes (totally unnecessary, ugh!) but it was worth it to learn more about the life’s work of two researchers, Dr. T. Colin Campbell (PhD) and Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn (MD).  One took a medical approach to researching the link between high consumption of animals fats and cancer, while the other took a clinical approach.  Eventually, the two men meet and find that their independent research matches up, validating one another’s findings.  Several other experts are also interviewed, along with real-life stories of people who reversed their serious health issues just by changing their diet.

You can see the trailer here: 

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