TV review: I Cloned My Pet

I watched this show last night with my daughter. 
Dear lord. 
I love my pets, I truly do, but these folks were so, so, so far over the top in their obsessions with their dogs.  One man said, “When Wolfie died, everything that was special about me went with her.”  
Is this guy serious? EVERYTHING that made him special–all of his unique qualities and attributes and talents–evaporated when his dog died. Really? 
One woman described her dog as her “soulmate.” Another woman featured on the show said her deceased dog Trouble “was the love of my life.” 
Pets offer unconditional love, and yes, they hold a very special place in our hearts.  But if you think a canine is the one being on Earth who is meant for you as a mate, above all others…you need to get yourself some counseling. 

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