Bad Baby Names: Shame on you, Beyonce & Jay-Z

A baby is a miracle that takes 9 months to grow and a lifetime to nurture….and then you go and name her “Blue”??? 
There oughta be a law against that. Truly.

What is this crazy sickness that comes over people–especially celebrities–when they have a baby?  The quest to find a name that is “different” and “unique” and “unlike anything else out there”….it says far more about the prospective parents than it does the child..

It tells me that the parents are feeling the pressure to have their child carry on the family tradition and become a standout in life. It’s as if they don’t trust their child enough to achieve any sort of notable achievements on their on–the child isn’t given an opportunity to “make a name for themself” because Mom and Dad have already done it for them. And that’s sad.

I think celebrities get so caught up in the fact that their child is growing up with the pressure of having a famous parent (or two), they believe it’s better to start out with a name that SO outlandish and different, the child can’t help but be set apart from everyone else.

Wow. Do they have that little faith in their new bundle of joy? 

Is it so difficult to imagine that if their child were named Michael or Jennifer, it could have any less spectacular a future than, say, a little Romeo or Apple?

Congratulations on your new daughter, Beyonce’ and Jay-Z.  I hope she has a wonderful and happy life, despite the unfortunate name you’ve chosen to saddle her with.

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