A day to give Thanks

No, I’m not referring to Thankgiving, but to that other November holiday: Veteran’s Day.

It’s today, by the way. Not that you would notice.

School is still session, and no one I know has off from work, other than the mailman.

I remember Veteran’s Day being a much bigger deal when I was a kid. There were parades and memorials and ceremonies. And now, in 2008, with U.S. troops fighting overseas in two wars, it’s being treated as just another day.

I wonder, is it because no one has time to reflect on the sacrifices of our armed services anymore? Or, is it because we’ve been so inundated with news of death and destruction in Afghanistan and Iraq, we’ve reached a saturation point?

1 thought on “A day to give Thanks

  1. I know it seems to be somewhat “watered” down – but I think Americans are more preoccupied with the troubling times. While it’s true that the mere fact that our troops are in Afghanistan and Iraq and deserve their day – I think it’s also true that it is increasingly more difficult to be reminded daily of this sad and overwhelming fact and a day that only serves to highlight it can also be painful.

    Only mere observations as to why it seems that way now. I firmly believe that we as Americans WILL NEVER FORGET!

    I know I won’t…

    (From A Few Good Men

    “Why do you like them so much?…

    Because they stand on a wall. And they tell you that NOTHING will hurt you tonight. Not on my watch.”

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