Labor Day, as it ought to be

It was a quiet, relaxed Labor Day this year at Casa Yak. Rich and I started the day watching the flurry of news coverage as Hurricane Gustav made landfall, pelting Anderson Cooper and his on-location cohorts with heavy winds and rain, but ultimately sparing New Orleans. Thank goodness.

The girls slept in a bit, and then went fishing with Daddy for the second day in a row. I stopped at the lake to check in on them, right in time to see Cathy catch a fish. It was a bit “spiky”, so she asked Dad to hold it up for the picture.

We just had a nice dinner of homemade ravioli with bolognese sauce, and everyone is off in the various nooks of the house, settling in for a peaceful evening. In a couple of days, the girls will all be back to school, and chaos will become a familiar friend once again.

For now, though, I think I’ll enjoy the calm before the storm. Tomorrow, it’s back to the same old grind. But today…was lovely.

I hope you all had a relaxing Labor Day.

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