Palin’s Big Night

I watched Palin last night (fell asleep immediately afterwards–long day) but I thought she did very well. I think she got off to a slow start, but she accomplished exactly what she was supposed to: she introduced herself to America and set the tone for her campaign.

She was aggressive and took lots of shots at Obama, but only mentioned his name once, as I recall. She made fun of him, and was derisive of his “god-like” image.

Some jabs that landed:

* McCain is the only man in this race that actually HAS fought for her (alluding to his military service, and Obama/Biden’s lack thereof)

* Mentioning those over-the-top styrofoam Greek columns from the DNC and referencing Obama’s ability to “part the seas and heal the world.”

I also thought she hit the right note in terms of her daughter’s situation. She practically shrugged her shoulders and said, “We’re a typical American family, with the same ups and downs as everybody else.” Perfect.

The BEST part of the speech, though, was when they cut away to a shot of her youngest daughter cradling her baby brother. She was ever-so-patiently swiping her palm over the top of his little head, smoothing his hair down. Then, just before the camera cuts away, you see her bring her palm up to her mouth, and lick a whole bunch more saliva on it, and then go back to slicking his hair down. Most adorable frickin’ thing ever.

I think her speech will reinvigorate McCain’s followers, but it didn’t change my mind about voting for her because, in the end, her policies are her policies

1 thought on “Palin’s Big Night

  1. Right on.

    But one point… yes, ‘her policies are her policies’ and that’s true – but at least she has them – I’ve still not heard anything solid from Obama. How can we go so damn deep into an election without a major party candidate making a firm stance on energy, an economic plan beyond a tax increase for the rich and having an open door policy with no conditions for leaders of all countries rougue or not?

    Now that we’ve heard from Palin, maybe we can hear from Obama and have it be something more substantial than “John McCain is MAKING FUN of my energy policy!” Quit with the tantrums, Barack, and tell me that you have something more than keeping air in the tires and maybe I’ll be persuaded… but you’re rapidly running out of time.

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