Answering The Call to Do Good Works

I follow several different accounts on Instagram, but one that I consistently enjoy is’s Daily Dose of Jewish Wisdom.  As someone who does a lot of volunteer week–I have trouble saying no, especially when it’s a good cause–from time to time things get overwhelming, and you can end up asking yourself, “Why am I doing this? I’m exhausted, and I’m not even sure if all of this effort is worth it.”  I suppose I’ve been overextending myself lately, because this thought has been creeping in.

And then I saw this image, and these powerful words, and realized the answer:

Even the wisest amongst us has no wings to escape himself.

Even when a man stands upright on the tallest mountain and perceives all there is to perceive, comprehends all there is to comprehend, achieves the ultimate realization of the Oneness that lies behind all things, and the nothingness of his own self—

In the end, he is still stuck on the ground where his feet have brought him. His eyes have not seen beyond his own eyeballs; his mind has grasped only that which a mind can grasp and touched that which it can reach. He has remained within his own self.

And the proof:
he has remained with a G‑d who is above 
and an earth which is below, and the two cannot meet.

His only liberation, and the only liberation of the entire world, is when the One Above reaches down and tells us, “Do this. With this deed you are betrothed to Me.” And then there is no above and below.
Then there is only One.

Here’s the link to the original post from’s Instagram Account:

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