Sugar-free Chocolate Truffles That Don’t Taste Like Death? YES!

Sorry to be so melodramatic (actually, no–sorry, not sorry) but I find that most sugar-free recipes yield disastrous, inedible results. Case in point: yesterday, I attempted to make “Flourless Keto Brownies” and they were probably the worst thing I’ve ever baked in my entire life. They were dry and crumbly and chalky and just….nasty.

Fortunately, I also made some regular Ghiardelli brownies from a boxed mix as a backup, so Valentine’s Day dessert was saved.  Still, I’ve been on a low-sugar kick lately, so the brownie fiasco was disappointing.

Since it was a holiday, I decided to make one more dessert, just for the heck of it, and that one turned out to be the BEST of the bunch.  Yes, the Sugar Free Chocolate Truffles ended up eclipsing both the heinous keto brownies and the decadent, sugar-filled Ghiardelli brand.  They are dense and rich and absolutely delicious–you cannot tell that these are sugar-free! I got the recipe from Low Carb Maven–find it HERE. 

The recipe is simple to follow–I used Swerve as the sweetner, which I found at my local Kings supermarket, but is also available on Amazon at this link.   I did find the Lily’s Sugar-free Chocolate Chips at Wegmans, but those are on Amazon as well (at this link).

The only downside to this recipe: you have to give the chocolate several hours to chill up firmly before shaping it and coating it with the topping of your choice (shown in the photo at left: unsweetened cocoa powder and unsweetened shredded coconut0.  I was a bit impatient, so they’re not as perfectly round as they could have been, but next time I’ll plan ahead better.  I’m definitely going to try some other toppings, like crushed peanuts or maybe even a little cocoa laced with some spicy cayenne. 

Only 2g net carbs per serving. If you have someone in your life who had to give up sugar, earn their undying love and affection–make these!

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