11 Years and Counting…

Eleven years ago today, at exactly 4:21pm, I posted my first blog entry. I can’t even remember why I started blogging in the first place–I guess I just needed an outlet where I could jot down random thoughts from time to time, a place to express myself without the confines of my usual editorial assignments or deadlines.

I’ve posted a variety of things over the years, from travel logs and television critiques to product reviews, inspirational quotes, and yes, the occasional rant.  The one consistent thing I can say about all of my posts is that they are written primarily for me–I don’t write for a particular audience, other than myself.  The fact that I’ve gotten hundreds of thousands of page views over the years from every continent (the day I got a hit from Greenland/Antarctica, I actually celebrated) is just a bonus.

For those who have stopped in to read my often-meandering musings over the years, I thank you. 

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