Mysterious Illness Affecting U.S. Diplomats in Cuba: A Theory

This story about the illnesses suffered by U.S. Diplomats in Cuba just keeps getting stranger and stranger.  You can read the latest report by the Daily Mail at this link: 

Quick overview: more than a dozen U.S. diplomats in Cuba have fallen ill between November 2016 and April 2017 (and now, another 3 people have fallen ill in August 2017), due to what is believed to be an attack using some form of sonic weapon.  According to the article, “some have lost their hearing and others suffered mild brain injuries.”  
Very scary stuff.  It reminded me of the work by Royal Raymond Rife, an American inventor who some claimed had found the cure for cancer, but was thwarted by a conspiracy because traditional cancer treatments are a big money maker for pharmaceutical companies and hospitals.  I have no idea if his research was valid or not, but the part that was interesting (and that reminds me of what’s happening to these diplomats) is that Rife claimed he could cure diseases like cancer by using sound waves modulated to a particular frequency that would disrupt the “bad” cells while leaving the healthy cells intact.  He asserted that all cells vibrate on a certain frequency, and it was simply a matter of finding the one that cancer cells responded to, and then destroying them.  You can read more about these claims HERE
Hearing this mystery about the diplomats makes me wonder if someone has managed to replicate Rife’s work, and has created a device that is disrupting the healthy cells in these diplomats, damaging them.   I know, it sounds nuts, but conspiracy theories always do.  Whatever it is that’s making these people sick, I really hope they figure it out. 

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