Ice Cream for Breakfast: A Long-Standing Family Tradition is Finally Validated

When my children were very young, I started a family tradition that has endured to this day: on the morning of your birthday, you can have ANYTHING you want for breakfast.

That’s right, no limits.  A hamburger with all the trimmings? Sure thing.  Macaroni and Cheese? Absolutely.

Ice cream?  Of course!

And yes, ice cream has long been the preferred choice of all 3 of my daughters over the years.  Sometimes it’s on a chocolate chip waffle, or served on a pancake, or just part of a great big sundae with whipped cream and tons of toppings.

Now, there’s actually a study that says eating ice cream for breakfast can improve your overall alertness and mental performance.  You can read more at the International Business Times.

I guess I was ahead of the curve on that one!

Christina’s 12th Birthday
Amy’s 10th Birthday
Cathy’s 10th Birthday

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