Saying Goodbye: R.I.P. Scooter

Today was an terribly sad day in our household: we said goodbye to our sweet dog, Scooter.

Our last photo of Scooter, just before we had to say goodbye

Everything happened so fast: he started to show signs of not feeling well about a week  and a half ago, with stiffness in his back legs and overall lethargy, although his appetite remained strong and his bodily functions were all normal.  As each day went by, he struggled to get around more, so we took him to the vet.

After a thorough physical exam, the vet suspected Lyme disease.  The initial blood test came back negative, so he sent us home with an anti-inflammatory and instructions to check in again soon.  The next day we dropped off a urine sample for additional testing–still negative for Lyme, but his stiffness seemed even worse, even with the meds.  The doctor prescribed pain meds and an antibiotic, and by Tuesday, he was like a totally different dog–lots more energy, walking more easily, feeling playful…we really thought he was on the mend.

That turned out to be the peak, unfortunately…things went downhill from there. His pain and stiffness returned, and by Friday night, it was clear he was uncomfortable and needed to go back for more tests. Today, we walked into the animal hospital, and as we checked him in, Scooter suddenly began coughing up blood.

The diagnosis: late-stage metastatic cancer, confirmed via x-ray.  His lungs were filling with blood, and although he was still managing to wag his tail in between coughing fits, once the coughing started up, it was clear that he was deteriorating very quickly.  We brought our daughters to the hospital, said our last goodbyes, and I stayed with Scooter while the vet administered medication to put him to sleep. It was the humane thing to do, and he did not suffer, but it was heartbreaking.

The veterinary staff was wonderful–so caring and compassionate every step of the way–which made things easier, but we are still reeling from this unexpected, devastating turn of events.

Rest in Peace, my sweet Scooter. We only had you in our lives for 8 1/2 short years, but you were adored every single second.

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