Food review: Blueberry Pie Oreos

At long last, I got my hands on some Blueberry Pie Limited Edition Flavor Oreos, and after a long, active day visiting colleges with my youngest daughter (over 10,000 steps and counting) a sweet treat was definitely in order.

These were worth the wait.

Once again, the sandwich cookie for these are vanilla-based, which really allow the flavored creme filling to shine through.   The scent wasn’t overpoweringly blueberry, but pleasant enough.  The color, on the other hand–yikes. It looks more like a grayish purple–a color I have yet to see occur naturally in ANY food–which was a little off-putting.

Fortunately, after just one bite, you won’t care what color the filling is–it’s delicious!

The blueberry creme was just sweet enough, without being cloying or overly sugary, and it struck just the right balance with the cookie sandwich.  These are great “as is” or would be equally as good dipped in milk–not always the case with these limited edition flavors.

Yesterday, I reviewed the Candy Corn Oreos, and deemed them “yummy” but these Blueberry Pie Oreos knock those right out of the top spot.  They’re my favorite ones so far, and definitely something I would buy again.

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