Review: Chocolate Chip Oreo

 You know, I’m honestly not a big cookie eater–my late-night snack of choice is usually something salty, like popcorn with melted butter and some grated parmesan cheese on top. Nom!

And yet, because of all the Oreo “Limited Edition” reviews I’ve done, it’s gotten to the point where friends will immediately post photos of the newest flavors on my Facebook timeline as soon as they’re announced.  Such was the case with this latest flavor, Chocolate Chip Oreo.
Quick take: yeah, they’re okay, but I think the bar should be pretty high for a cookie that is flavored…like ANOTHER cookie. I mean, Nabisco wasn’t exactly taking a big risk with one.  
The filling is definitely the best part–it’s more like cookie dough icing, but not overly sweet.The thing is, I love a good chocolate chip cookie as much as the next person, and the Oreo sandwich cookie version is a poor substitute.

My recommendation to Nabisco: release the chocolate chip creme filling on its own, with cookie dipping sticks instead. That way, you can get a higher ratio of creme to cookie, or better yet, just eat the filling straight and dip the cookie part in milk. 

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