Tips for Taking Great Food Pictures

Oh, how I wish EVERYONE would read this article by local food critic Elisa Ung, on “How to Make Food Photos Yummier. There’s nothing better than some honest-to-goodness “food porn” photography, and there’s nothing worse than a well-intentioned friend posting a horrific picture of their half-eaten salad and dirty fork with the caption “OMG this is so good!”  Yuck! So kudos to Ung for writing this much-needed article.

I love capturing shots of great food, especially when I’m out at a restaurant, because I do believe in the expression that “you eat with your eyes first.”  Plating food is an art unto itself, not quite as important as the flavor, but pretty darn close.  A photo helps capture the memory of not only the wonderful meal, but the time you spent enjoying it with friends and family. (And yes, I know some might find the practice annoying, but to them I say, “If that’s enough to push your buttons, you need to get a hobby.”)

I’m definitely guilty of using the “overhead shot” way too much–something I’ll be working on.  The tight shots

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