REVIEW: Cupcake-Filled Oreos

As soon as I heard about the pending debut of a new Cupcake-Filled Oreo flavor, I marked my calendar in anticipation. It arrived in stores this week, and I was there to snap up a package to review.

My verdict: Meh. Disappointing.

The cookie part itself is just like any other Oreo cookie, so nothing particularly noteworthy or surprising there.  The inside creme, however, IS perceptively different: it has a much smoother consistency, very much like chocolate frosting, with a dollop of vanilla icing right in the center.

The package encourages the consumer to “Twist and Lick!”  Um, I’m not sure what the marketing guys at Nabisco were thinking, but when you do so, the center of the cookie ends up looking like….not something I would ever want to lick.  Here’s a photo:

Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it….this cookie looks like my cat’s butt in photonegative.

So, maybe that hampered my ability to fully embrace this new Oreo Limited Edition flavor (can you blame me?) but I did soldier on and give it a chance.  When you eat just the middle part, it does taste like licking the frosting off of a spoon when you’re making cupcakes, but when you eat the cookie all at once, the vanilla center gets completely lost and overpowered by the chocolate. And, in some cases, the vanilla icing isn’t quite centered correctly, so the inside of the cookie ends up being mostly chocolate anyway (you can see the inconsistency in the cookies below).

Sorry, guys. I am underwhelmed by this one.

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