REVIEW: Red Velvet Oreos

As soon as I heard that Nabisco was going to release a Red Velvet version of their Oreo cookie on February 2nd, I knew I had to find it and try it out.  For scientific purposes, of course. 

Unfortunately, we’ve had some snowy, icy weather here in the Northeast, so I had to wait until today to find them. They were worth the wait! Although, I do have both good news and bad news about these cookies.  Let’s start with the good news:

They’re delicious!

The cookie part is red, so it makes for a striking visual, but the taste is exactly the same as a regular Oreo.  I tried doing a “blind” taste test, and could not discern a difference, which was fine with me.

So what makes this new flavor so great?  The filling, of course,  They really nailed the cream cheese frosting flavor, and they don’t skimp on the ratio of creme to cookie. In fact, I first tried an Oreo whole, then split it apart and ate the cookie and creme separately, and then tried it whole again.

They’re definitely much better eaten in their entirety.  The creme by itself was a little too sweet and overpowering.

Okay folks, sorry, but I do have to tell you the bad news now: the packaging for this “Limited Edition” flavor is a major disappointment: it’s 20% SMALLER than the regular-sized Oreo packages.  Other editions weigh in at 12.2 ounces, with 24 cookies inside.  Red Velvet Oreos only come 20 to a 10.7 ounce package.  So rather than raise the prices for this new flavor, they’re shorting the consumer by 4 cookies. Unacceptable!

Of course, this meant I ended up buying 5 packages instead of 4 (3 were gifts!), so the marketing folks are definitely doing something right.

Smaller packaging/higher unit cost not withstanding, yes indeed, I recommend Red Velvet Oreos. YUM!

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