Mega Stuff Oreos

What you’re looking at is NOT an Oreo cookie, nor is it a Double Stuff Oreo cookie. This, my friends, is the “Limited Edition” Mega Stuff Oreo.

Do you think someone over at Nabisco said, “Geez, you know, I just don’t think Americans are quite fat enough. Sure, everyone talks about an obesity epidemic, but it’s really not THAT bad yet. We need to do something to really kick things up a notch if we want to create a pandemic of obesity in the world.”

And thus, the Mega Stuff Oreo was born.

Seriously, though: they’re 90 calories per cookie.  So you’re looking at 360 calories in that photo right there, with 36 grams of sugar–that’s the equivalent of 9 teaspoons, three more than in a typical 12-oz can of regular soda.

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