Passover 2013

I’m not Jewish, but that didn’t stop me from taking part in the Passover holiday preparations this year. My youngest daughter went to a Seder tonight, so I got a recipe from a friend for Peach Kugel.  I’ve only had kugel made with egg noodles, not matzoh farfel, so the texture was different from what I was used to, but the end result was still delicious. It’s similar to bread pudding, and tastes best when it’s warmed up (I put a little Redi-Whip whipped cream on top–not exactly kosher, but delicious nevertheless).

Here’s the recipe:

Peach Kugel for Passover 
1 lb farfel
1/2 lb margarine or butter, melted
7 eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract
3/4 tsp salt
1 cup sugar
large can of sliced peaches
sugar and cinnamon for dusting

In a colander or strainer, pour boiling water over the farfel. Drain well and put into a bowl. Add the melted butter and mix well. Beat the eggs and then add to the farfel mixture, mixing well to combine.  Add the vanilla, salt and sugar and mix well again.  Strain the peaches and add the liquid to the farfel mixture.  Put half of the farfel mixture into a well-greased rectangular pan, then arrange half of the sliced peaches in rows on top.  Sprinkle with some sugar and cinnamon, then add the rest of the farfel mixture and top with the remaining peach slices.  Sprinkle the top with some sugar and cinnamon.  Bake for 1 hour at 375 degrees Farenheit.  Serve warm.

This is what the container of farfel looks like, fyi: it’s really just crumbled up Matzoh.

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