Matzoh Ball Soup!

I made Matzoh Ball Soup for the first time today, in honor of Passover.  No, it’s not a holiday I celebrate personally, but I saw the instant mix in the store, and it was cold and dreary outside, and I thought, “Why not?”

Here’s the mix I used….

and here’s the finished product…

It was delicious!  The box says “makes 9 to 12 matzoh balls” but if you’re doing it correctly, you’ll end up with 12.  Don’t make them any larger than 1″ round (like a ping pong ball) because they double in size when you cook them.  In addition to the mix, you’ll need two eggs and some vegetable oil.  I also sprinkled some dried parsley into the soup when it was done to add a splash of color.  It’s basically instant chicken broth with dumplings, but it was just the thing to warm me up on a chilly Spring night. Definitely worth giving this mix a try. I’ve made other instant products by Manischewitz (potato latkes, in particular) and I’ve always had great results.

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