McCain’s VP: Oops

Sarah Palin: 44 years old, scarcely 2 years’ experience as Alaska governor, NO foreign policy experience, NO experience on a national level. Pro-life, pro-death penalty, lifelong NRA member.

I can’t understand this choice. Sure, party loyalists/Republican conservatives will be happy, and McCain’s choice is certainly historic, but I don’t think it does him any favors with the voters he needs to beat Barack Obama. If anything, I think this choice makes Obama MORE palatable (can you imagine?) to those of us who were most concerned about his lack of experience. With 4 years as a United States Senator and another 7 in the Illinois Senate, he looks like a grizzled veteran next to Palin.

As a woman, adding Palin to the ticket does not make me want to vote for McCain. Given McCain’s age and prior health record, it’s a sad reality that his VP pick needs to be held to a high level of scrutiny. How can I possibly vote to put someone in a position that is a heartbeat away from the Presidency, when she only has 2 years’ of experience? With tensions escalating in Georgia (Russia has said they blame the United States for orchestrating the entire situation), our troops in Afghanistan dying in record numbers, and the Iraq War still raging, we need someone who knows what the heck they’re doing when it comes to foreign policy.

The President doesn’t make those kinds of policy decisions alone, and while he doesn’t have lots of experience, Obama has proven that he can surround himself with good people. McCain picked Palin as his right-hand after meeting with her ONCE. He’s done nothing but reinforce his reputation as an impulsive person.

I think that Palin will get lots of press in the next two weeks, as people try to figure out who the heck she is. Perhaps there’ll even be a honeymoon period where she’ll enjoy the spotlight and McCain will see a bounce in his polling numbers. But, in the end, I’m betting that folks will be turned off by McCain’s pick, and will put Obama and Biden in the White House come November.

3 thoughts on “McCain’s VP: Oops

  1. I am liking this choice myself. In fact, it is this choice that has put me over the top in supporting McCain.

    Sarah Palin is young and has limited experience, yes. But this is a far, far better place to gain the experience than in the top seat. What if something happens to McCain? If Palin becomes president, let’s not forget that she, herself, will pick a VP to be confirmed by the Senate and it’s unlikely that she will choose one with little experience – the Senate won’t confirm them!

    As for what this does to the ticket? I believe that it reaches out to two groups:

    1) The conservatives on the right who have been criticizing McCain and;

    2) I believe it DOES reach out to many Hillary supporters. Don’t forget, there is a large number of her supporters that believe she was cast aside because she was a woman!

    I do not believe Sarah Palin is a poor choice. Risky? Sure, you’ve mentioned the risks but isn’t that what we’ve come to expect from McCain all along?

    I believe this choice is more of a challenge to Obamites (sorry, that’s my made-up word to describe his worshippers) as well… after all… if experience isn’t something that matters… ok… then give concrete reasons TO NOT vote for McCain-Palin!

    Finally, let’s not forget that, ultimately, it comes down to Obama and McCain. Once the attention is refocued on them, the same issues and candidates’ character comes back into play.

    I have stated my case many times WHY I am voting for McCain and not Obama. The choice of Sarah Palin today has solidified my choice.

  2. All well-thought out comments and viewpoints, as usual, Chief. It's so odd, though: McCain's choice today actually pushed ME over the fence, too, but into Obama's camp. As a former Hillary supporter, I couldn't be less happy about this choice. The ONLY thing she has in common with Hillary is that they're both female. If McCain & Company think that's enough for me to blindly vote for a ticket with Palin on it, they're sorely mistaken.

    Looks like we'll be on opposite sides of the vote this year, but that's okay–I look forward to hearing your perspective from now until Election Day, and beyond!

  3. Thanks Lisa,

    I appreciate your thoughts no matter. I’ve always said… I’m out to sway and influence no one. You and I were both Hillary supporters.

    I just think what Obama and his worshippers along with the Democratic party did to Hillary Clinton was wrong, wrong WRONG! That is one of the many fundamental reasons I cannot cast a vote for Barack Obama. But there are plenty of others.

    Hopefully, our continued dialogue will make each of us – not just you and me – but all of us in our little “blogworld” – find the discourse beneficial to strengthening our assurances that the level we pull is the one we truly believe in.

    As always… my sincere respect for your opinions and positions.

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