Invasion, part deux

Last month, I was horrified to discover some old wasp nests in my attic. The good news: we sprayed the heck out of the rafters up there, and so far, yellow jackets haven’t been an issue at all in any of the bedrooms.

Now for the bad news: they’re finding their way into the basement.

One of the bushes on the side of the house was SWARMING with them today, so I think they’re either building a nest there, or somewhere very close by. All I know for sure is that we’ve had three yellow jackets invade the kids’ playroom in the basement in the past three days.

And, when I went down there to kill the latest one, I heard a low, steady buzzing sound. I couldn’t tell if it was coming from inside the drop ceiling, or from just outside the window, or perhaps inside the walls.


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