Baby #18

I became fascinated by the Duggar Family about two years ago, when I first saw a show about them and their 16 children. I remember being amazed at how happy and well-adjusted they all appeared to be. I kept watching, and followed along as their quest to build a “dream house” was chronicled on TLC, and again when Michelle Duggar gave birth to her 17th child last August.

And now, she and her husband Jim-Bob have announced that they’re expecting baby #18 on January 1, 2009. She has spent more than 11 of her 41 years being pregnant.

No matter what you think about the choices these two have made, you have to give them credit for being resourceful enough to support that many children, and resilient enough to raise them all.

Here’s a link to their website, for those interested in learning more about them: DUGGAR FAMILY: About Us

I do love children, but 18 of them? Wow.

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