Bikinis Only

Yesterday, I went shopping with my hormonal teenager for swimsuits, because, I’m brave that way.

The good news is: she found a bathing suit that she absolutely loves, and it looks fabulous on her. Success!

The only glitch was that we ended up going to two different shopping malls and hitting 6 different stores in search of the perfect suit. She’s still a bit modest (thank you, Lord) and prefers to have a one-piece suit for swimming. The problem? NONE of the swimsuit stores aimed at her age group carry anything but bikinis.

I couldn’t believe it: store after store, filled with bathing suits, but every single one was a bikini. I asked one salesgirl, “Um, when will you be getting one-piece suits in?” and she rolled her eyes and said, “Ugh! Never!!”

I guess I must be way behind the times.

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