American Idol: David Cook!

wow…everyone was saying that David A. would take the title, but David Cook managed to pull out a victory.

I’m so glad. David A. was an early favorite of mine, but as the weeks wore on, it became clear that his youth worked against him in terms of personality development. The poor kid couldn’t put two words together, and seemed incapable of answering even the simplest off-the-cuff question with anything other than, “Um, gosh…wow…this is…wow.”

David Cook has had his share of adversity this year, with his older brother Adam suffering from brain cancer. I can’t even imagine all of the emotions his family is feeling right now. Congratulations, DC!

2 thoughts on “American Idol: David Cook!

  1. ah, then I would wager a guess that you do NOT have three little girls ages 8 to 13 living in your house at the moment.

    If you did, trust me–you wouldn’t be allowed to miss an episode. 😉

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