We had our annual “Spring Tune-Up” done for the central air conditioning, and the tech found evidence of some “invaders” in the attic.

Right where some pipes meet the roofline, there’s a gap, and yellow jackets or wasps have been coming in and setting up shop. Last summer, we found an occasional wasp in my daughter’s bedroom, which is right below this spot, but we assumed they were getting in through the window.

Nope. They found a spot where the pipes are either leaking or retaining moisture from the roof, so that they have a perfect water source throughout the hot summer months.

The insects are dormant at this time of year, but not for long. I have an exterminator arriving any minute to eliminate the nests (and make SURE there are no sleeping critters having a siesta up there), and then it’s time to get some roofers in here to plug up the holes.

Do yourself a favor: have a peek up in your attic over the next few days, before the weather starts warming up. Now is the time to clean this stuff out and secure your house!

4 thoughts on “Invasion

  1. Yup, found that last photo online, actually. I’d never get THAT close!

    The nests were empty, so I’m hoping that by spraying them down with insecticide, that’ll be enough to keep the wasps from coming back again this year. We had some really warm weather yesterday (80 degrees F) and there were a few buzzing around the front doorway, saying “WTF?”

    Last I checked, they were looking for a suitable place to set up shop, and my topiary in the front was looking mighty inviting. Yikes.

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