Tile and Glass choices

These are the tiles that will comprise the decorative backsplash, which is being installed at the end of next week:

The deco tile in the center costs $22 apiece. Needless to say, we’ll be using those sparingly! The small square mosaics were also used in the flooring, in 3 x 3 increments.

You see just a bit of the granite countertop material peeking through underneath the tiles. We chose a Terracotta Bordeaux from Spain. The granite is set to be installed on December 12th…we might just make it in time for Christmas Eve!

We were planning to use a beautiful stained glass design for the glass front cabinets, but the prices were wayyyyyy too high (we’re talking thousands of dollars PER panel). Instead, we went with a simple “waffle glass” design. I like it because it adds a 3-dimensional element, allows the glassware in the interior of the cabinets to show through, but is still opaque enough to cover for me if the cabinets get messy.

Here’s a small sample:

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