Day 50: Cabinets nearly complete

A wide shot of the new kitchen. I love the way the island is turning out, and all of the decorative elements we’ve incorporated into the design.

The new stove area, with mantle

Most of the appliances have been slid into place, although only the refrigerator is plugged in. We still need to have the plumber hook up the ice maker, but it’s great just to be able to keep containers of milk and some snacks up here on the main level.

The carpenters are doing a great job with all of the finishing details, particularly the mouldings for the mantle and island. They’ll be back on Monday to finish up.

My computer desk area, which will also double as a serving area when the laptop is stowed away

Here’s the wall behind the island. The microwave convection oven will go into that cutout area

The sink area

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