The Dolphin Costume

My Favorite Dolphin
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I was looking at the beautiful dolphin pictures that Rosie O’Donnell has posted on her site, and couldn’t resist posting this picture of my youngest daughter. She is obsessed with dolphins, and in 2005, decided she wanted to be a dolphin for Halloween.

I searched everywhere for a dolphin costume, and eventually had to end up sewing one myself. I still consider it one of those “great moments in motherhood” that I even pulled it off.

UPDATE: You can find complete instructions and photos for this costume HERE

6 thoughts on “The Dolphin Costume

  1. Lisa,

    I am not that talented and don’t have a sewing machine, but like your daughter, my son loves, loves his dolphins, wants to ahem, BE a dolphin. I understand you may have sentimental feelings for this great project, but would you consider selling/renting this dolphin costume???


  2. Hi Yvette,

    I'm glad you like the costume, but I'm sorry, Cathy is STILL attached to it–there's no way she'd be able to part with it.

    Even if you don't sew, you might be able to make a similar headpiece, and have your son wear a blue shirt and blue pants. You can safety pin an oval of white felt on the tummy, and pin a blue felt fin to the back of his shirt.

    To make the headpiece, I'd recommend covering an old baseball cap with blue felt, using a glue gun. Add white & black felt eyes on the sides. If you're feeling adventurous, you can make the snout even more like the one I made by adding a bottom jaw to the cap. Cut a white, flexible paper plate in half, and bend it so that the outer edges curve up. Cover that with felt, too, and attach it to the bottom of the cap brim.

    Another quick and easy alternative: skip the costume and just make a dolphin hat. Buy a big stuffed dolphin, cut a hole in the middle of its tummy, take out most of the stuffing, and secure the fabric over the top of the cap. Instant dolphin hat!

  3. Hi Barb,

    Due to popular demand, I’m going to start a new post, along with pictures and detailed instructions, so that you can see exactly how I made the Dolphin Costume.

    I should have it up by tomorrow morning at the very latest. Don’t worry–it doesn’t take long to make!

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