British Isles Souvenirs, part 1

I know, I’ve been remiss in posting these last two weeks. I’ve been busy enjoying my summer and attending a writer’s workshop. This week, I’ll be finishing up the last of the travel blogging for my trip to the British Isles, and then get back to my usual everyday blog topics. It was fun while it lasted!

Here are some of the great souvenirs I picked up on this trip:

A Crown ornament from the Tower of London Jewel House gift shop

A Claddagh wall plaque from Ireland

Tea Towels from Ireland, and an angel ornament

Some items from House of Beauly in Scotland
This is Whisky cake, a honeyspoon made of polished animal horn, and some homemade Scottish jam

I had the one on the left (without the whisky added) and it was fantastic…just like the one I tasted in Edinburgh.

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