Back from the British Isles!

I had a wonderful time on vacation, and although jet lag is still kicking my butt, I’ll be back to blogging this week. My first order of business will be blogging a review of the cruise I went on, which was the July 4th Princess Cruise of the British Isles. We saw Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and even had a quick stop in France. The weather was rainy and unpredictable, but we still had a great trip. We didn’t let the newest terror attacks slow us down at all, and saw some breathtaking countryside and outstanding attractions (Culloden Battlefield, Stonehenge, Caenarfon Castle, Skara Brae and the Ring of Brogdar were some of my favorites).

Be back soon with a write-up of our time spent in London, followed by an in-depth port-by-port review of our time spent on the Grand Princess.

2 thoughts on “Back from the British Isles!

  1. Just starting to type up those notes and get them in a publishable format…thanks for waiting! I’m hoping to get the bulk of it up in the next few days–unless I get so engrossed in the new Harry Potter book that I block out everything else.

    Glad you’re still out there reading my ramblings…more to follow!

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