Gifting our children with roots AND wings

My youngest daughter left today for a Summer semester of Study Abroad in France. This is the first time she has ever traveled so far alone, without a family member, and I am equal parts proud, excited, envious, and despondent.  I know she will have a wonderful time, and that she deserves this adventure.  I also tell myself that this is what my husband and I have worked so hard to do in raising our children, to make them confident and self-assured enough to spread their wings and explore the world on their own, to discover things through their own eyes, unfiltered by ours.  I want her to see and experience other cultures and customs, and to cultivate the strength and inner composure that comes from venturing off alone in unfamiliar territory. 

Letting go is not easy, and knowing that it’s absolutely the right thing to do does not make it any less terrifying.
Whoever said this parenting thing gets easier totally lied.

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