Slaughterhouse Escapee Gives Birth Days Later

Last week, a cow in New Jersey made headlines when it escaped from a truck that was en route to a slaughterhouse, kicking her way out onto a busy stretch of Route 80.   She was rescued from the highway and sent to live out her days at an animal sanctuary in Wantage, NJ.

But her story didn’t end there.  Today, it was reported that the cow, dubbed Brianna, gave birth to a calf, named Winter.

While I’m very happy that this cow had a happy ending to her story–both she and her calf will live out their days in peace at the Skylands Animal Sanctuary–I’m horrified that a heavily-pregnant cow was being sent to slaughter at all. That seems unusually cruel and inhumane, and it makes me wonder what supplier was responsible for even putting her on that truck in the first place.

It’s a disturbing story, and I’m grateful to the animal sanctuary that rescued her.  Anyone interested in making a donation to Skylands Animal Sanctuary can do so at this link:

[photo credit: Mike Stura, Skylands Animal Sanctuary]

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