REVIEW: Hot Cocoa Oreos

Well, this was a pleasant surprise: I was shopping at my local grocery store yesterday, and stumbled up on an new Limited Edition Oreo flavor that I hadn’t known about. (Within minutes of a new flavor being announced, I am typically bombarded with messages and Facebook tags from friends who know about my little “Oreo Taste Test” hobby and want to make sure I get a heads up. I love these people.)

 My first thought upon seeing Hot Cocoa Oreo cookies: this has got to be a home run for Nabisco. How can you possibly mess this up?

Don’t worry, they didn’t–but this one didn’t exactly rock my world, either.

The outside is the traditional chocolate Oreo sandwich cookie, and the filling inside is a combination of marshmallow flavored creme and cocoa creme.  Visually, it looks inviting, so that’s a plus, but when you take a bite….it’s just….an Oreo.  The white creme is very similar to standard Oreo filling, and the cocoa creme is overpowered by the chocolate in the sandwich cookie, so all you get is the standard Oreo flavor you’ve come to know, with maybe a hint of cocoa at the finish.

THE VERDICT: I would rate Hot Cocoa Oreo Cookies a B+, but honestly, that’s a teeny bit generous.  There’s no denying that they’re tasty, but there’s nothing extra-special about them, other than the concept of “hot cocoa in a cookie.” I wouldn’t bother buying these again, because the Limited Edition packs tend to be smaller and more pricey than the standard Oreo packages, and there’s no reason to pay more for what is basically the same flavor profile.

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