Sharknado 5: wait, when did Sharknado 4 happen?

Yes, I tuned in tonight to watch the latest installment of the Sharknado series: Sharknado 5.  I wasn’t even aware that a 4th installment had been released–setting the DVR to capture that campy ridiculousness to watch on a rainy day when I have absolutely NOTHING better to do.

My take: it was about as stupid and inane as the others, but exactly what I expected, so I wasn’t disappointed.  Trying to spot the celebrity cameos is always the best part (you have to be quick–they tend to get eaten by sharks rather quickly).  My favorite was Fabio as The Pope.  Killing off Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller just as she uttered her infamous line, “Everyone is replaceable!” was also a nice touch.  

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