Food Review: Apple Pie Oreos

The latest offering in the Oreo Limited Edition flavor line: Apple Pie Oreos.

This one sounded really promising to me: after all, it’s pretty hard to mess up apple pie, right?

Once again, the sandwich cookie portion is Graham flavored, to mimic a typical pie crust.  Understandable.  The thing is, the graham flavor doesn’t tend to add anything to the cookie itself–the traditional chocolate cookies have a decadence factor that is completely lost when they switch to the more sedate graham version. 

So, that being the case, the pressure is on to make sure you totally nail the flavor of the filling. Alas, these miss the mark, in a big way.   The apple flavoring is off.  It reminds me of Green Apple Jolly Ranchers–which, while quite tasty, do not actually resemble the crisp, clean, refreshing flavor of a real apple. 

Same with these cookies.  The creme filling has a weird, almost sour bite to it, yet is also very sweet.  It’s just an odd combo, and doesn’t make for an overall pleasant experience. Disappointing.

The final verdict for Apple Pie Oreo cookies?  I give them a C. 

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