Ipsy “Glam Bags”: Buyer Beware

Is there anything more fun than receiving a gift in the mail–the joy of opening your mailbox and finding a brightly wrapped package filled with surprises, just for you?

No, that’s a pretty special feeling. And that’s what “Subscription Box” companies are counting on. 
“Product of the Month” clubs are nothing new; they’ve been around for as long as I can remember.  When I was young, there was the Book of the Month Club, or the Columbia Record and Tape Club (oh, how sad we were when they discontinued 8-tracks!).  Over the years, it expanded to Wine of the Month Club, Cheese of the Month, Dessert of the Month, etc.  
Today, you can sign up for all kinds of goodies, such as gourmets foods, stylish athleticwear, and yes, cosmetics.  All 3 of my daughters currently subscribe to something called “Ipsy”, a service that charges a monthly fee to send you a sampling of different beauty products, based on your preferences from a quiz you fill out at the time of purchase. 
My daughters love getting their Ipsy bags each month…the problem is, the shipment can take  FOREVER to arrive, and the customer service is the worst I’ve ever seen.  There is no phone number you can call if you have a problem. The only way to reach Ipsy Customer Service is through an email form on their website, or via social media (Twitter and Facebook).   
I recently tried contacting “Ipsy Care” because my youngest daughter’s shipment appears to be delayed.  She received shipment notification–and was charged–back on September 7th, but here we are 10 days later, and her package still hasn’t arrived. Her older sister received shipping notification a few days later, and her packaged arrived not long after.  The tracking info has not changed since September 9th: a label was generated, the package made it to a post office about 20 minutes from here, and that’s where the trail goes cold.   
The response from Ipsy Care?  “Your Glam Bag IS on its way! Please allow 14 business days from the ship date. Thanks for being a loyal Ipster!!!!”   Um, excuse me? 14 business days? That’s THREE WEEKS.  What the heck?  And to add insult to injury, they sent us a tracking link that showed the package en route to Alberta Canada….and we live in New Jersey. I followed up again, and they sent a corrected link, and claimed the package was still on its way, despite the lack of USPS updates. 
I’ve found numerous stories online from other customers of extended shipment delays and a lack of customer service.  Buyer beware!  

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