Harp Lager Redesign: What Fresh Hell Is This?

I guess I haven’t purchased bottles of Harp lately–on the rare occasions when I drink beer, it’s usually when we’re out somewhere, and it’s available on tap–so it was really jarring to see the new label design.

It’s HIDEOUS.  It looks like Budweiser and Zima had a baby.

The first time I tried Harp beer was on my first trip to Ireland in 2007. We visited Dublin, which included the absolutely-essential visit to the Guiness factory.  We also visited Trinity College, where the actual harp is on display.  It was a really special trip, and every time I did have a Harp back home, it instantly brought back wonderful memories of the majestic reading room, and those floor to ceiling shelves filled with old leather-bound books. 

Ugh. This modern packaging is a travesty.

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