Getting Organized with Peter Walsh

I’ll admit it: I have a tough time throwing things away, and my house has steadily become over-run with unnecessary clutter.

But, the good news is, a New Year is a great time for a New Start, and so, I’m following along with Peter Walsh’s 2016 Challenge #31Days2GetOrganized.  You can follow along and watch his videos on his Facebook page HERE.

Today is Day 2, and the challenge was a simple one: go into your shoe closet and get rid of the ONE pair of shoes that is the most dusty–the pair that you haven’t worn in ages–and put it in a donation pile.

If you were so inclined, he said, you could also clean out additional pairs that you no longer wanted or needed.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Between me and my 3 daughters, we have an embarrasing number of shoes in the house: sneakers, flip flops, heels, sandals, snow boots, moccassins, you name it.  Many of them were old and outdated, some were worn to the point of being completely trashed, and others were like-new, never worn and never-will-be-worn.

So, I began sifting through the “collection”, and so far, I’ve got 5 bags of shoes that are headed for the trash, 2 bags headed for the donation bin, and a hall closet that actually looks organized and neat. The back-of-the-door shoe organizer in the mudroom is almost empty now!

One of my daughters is still at work, so her shoes won’t get sorted until she gets home. I’m betting that 80% of them will be ditched/donated. Can’t wait to hit the recycling center tomorrow!

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