Rainbow Cookie Cake Pops!

Every year at Christmastime, it’s become a tradition for me to make “Rainbow Cookies,” also known as Seven Layer Cookies.  They’re a lot of work because there are so many steps to the process, and they take two days to make (most of that is time spent setting up in the refrigerator).  It’s a challenge every time I make them, and once I start, it’s a great reminder of why I only attempt them once a year.

Rainbow Cookies!

To get the recipe at Epicurious, click HERE

This year, I did something a little different: when I got to the step in the recipe that calls for trimming around the edges of the layers to make them even, I saved the scraps and brought them all way to room temperature. I found them to be just sticky enough to form into 6 small cake pops, and coated them in the same dark chocolate as I use for the top and bottom layers of the cookie bars.  Then, I finished them off with–of course–rainbow sprinkles. 
They turned out great, with a minimal amount of extra effort, given all of the other steps in the process. It’s a great way to use every bit of that precious cookie batter, too!
Rainbow cookie cake pops!

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