I own a cookie press? Apparently, yes.

So, look what I just found, hidden away in my basement storage area: a Salton Cookie Press, brand new in the package. The manual is dated 2002, and I have absolutely no recollection of ever buying this, or receiving it as a gift. And yet, here it is!

It just so happens I was baking Christmas cookies today, so the timing of this discovery was certainly serendipitous.

Following the recipe in the manual, I made a batch of Holiday Butter Cookie dough, and made cookies in two shapes: trees and hearts.

Not gonna lie–this thing is not as easy to use as you’d think.  The dough has to be just the right consistency, not too cold and stiff, not too warm and sticky.  I had a few “fails”, but ended up with about two dozen cookie so far that look pretty good.  Looking forward to experimenting with this new contraption and making some more cookies tomorrow!

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