Keeping Family Meal Times A “No Tech” Zone

Today, Pope Francis advised families to turn off their cell phones, televisions and other electronic devices during meal times, and focus on conversing with one another. This seems like common sense to me, so the fact that it’s making headlines and is considered a bold and revolutionary idea is surprising.

I agree with the Pope’s advice 100%. In my home, meal time has always been a daily opportunity for my husband, my children and me to sit down together and converse about what’s going on in each other’s lives. It’s when we hear about the latest drama at school, a new dream or goal for the future that is starting to take shape, upcoming weekend plans, or just a silly joke that someone overheard in the cafeteria.  We share our ups and downs, offering a daily dose of love and support, and reinforcing the concept that we are all connected as a family unit.  

As a parent, having a sit-down dinner as a family is a valuable time for sharing and staying plugged in to what my children are feeling and thinking, and it saddens me to think this daily ritual for us is more the exception than the rule for others.

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