Great info on Credit Card Deals–from someone I trust!

This blog is mostly just my own musings, and food reviews, and other random ramblings, but every once in a while, I do try to share information of value–IF it’s something I truly believe in.

Yup…this is one of those times. 
My husband has many talents, but the one that never fails to impress me: his Information Management skills. He’s a financial whiz–that’s been his lifelong career, after all–but he’s also got great instincts when it comes to money, and an incredible amount of patience when it comes to researching things.  
Lately, he’s been on this mission to boost our credit score (which was already quite good) so that we could take advantage of the many credit card deals and bonuses that are out there.  If you know where to find the info, you have good credit, and you act fast, you can take advantage of some amazing offers that give you free airline miles, gift cards, points towards free hotel stays, and more. 
I finally convinced him that he needs to share this info with the rest of the world, to create a “one stop shopping” resource for people who don’t have the time or patience that he has for sniffing these deals, but still want the opportunity to get them.  So, he’s created a website:   I hope you’ll check it out!

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