One of the most painful parts of watching Josh & Anna Duggar’s wedding special on TLC was when Josh serenaded his new bride with “The Loyalty Song”.  (see the lyrics, above)

And now, given recent events–the revelation of prior child molestation accusations against Josh, and now his being named as having an Ashley Madison account AND an OK Cupid account, all just weeks after Anna gave birth to their 4th child–his hypocrisy has reached epic proportions.

I’m not angry or outraged, I take no joy in how the Duggar’s fame is unraveling…all I feel is sad.  Anna Duggar is a real person. Going through something like this would be devastating for anyone, but to have it exposed and debated so publicly is even worse than I can imagine.  My thoughts are with her and her kids.  I hope she has someone in her life who will advocate for HER, and her only, and help her get out of what is an increasingly bad situation.

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