Death by Burger

Listen, I love indulgent, decadent food as much as the next person–chocolate truffles, filet mignon in a red wine reduction, bacon-wrapped anything–but this latest menu item from Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. cannot possibly qualify as “food.”

Behold, the 1/2 lb American Thickburger. It’s a burger topped with all of the usual fixin’s, AND a hot dog, AND potato chips.   This artery-clogging masterpiece will set you back 1250 calories, and contains 85 grams of fat–just a few grams less than an entire stick of butter.

The commercials for this monstrosity even boast that the answer to the question as to WHY they could create such a thing is: “because AMERICA.”

Yup.  This is why other nations hate us.

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