Review: S’mores Oreo Cookies

In my never-ending pursuit to try ALL of the new and unusual Oreo flavors, I managed to procure the latest release: S’mores Oreos. 
Initial impressions: It’s good–on par with the new Red Velvet Oreos–but not as good as the Limited Edition Peanut Butter Cup Oreos.
The first strike against this cookie is the “graham cracker” flavored cookie base. Sorry, but for me, an Oreo isn’t an Oreo without the chocolate cookie component.  I also couldn’t perceive any discernible difference between the “graham cracker” cookie and any other “vanilla Oreo” flavor I’ve ever tried. 
One difference between the S’more cookie vs. the Peanut Butter Cup cookie is that the S’more version has the creme flavors stacked one on top of another, rather than side by side. The (alleged) marshmallow creme is stacked on top of the chocolate creme.  I know, the package says the white creme is marshmallow flavored, but it tasted exactly the same as every other white Oreo middle I’ve ever had–right down to the subtle gritty texture. 
The addition of the chocolate creme definitely elevates the cookie’s overall flavor, and the ratio of creme to cookie was also well balanced. 
On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this one a solid 7.5.   

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